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Full Scale Film Production +

Professional Materials for Network Casting

Beach Studios has a track record of success in producing originally scripted content from creative inception to festival distribuition. We are a Leo Nominated production company whose team is made up of award winning Producers, Directors, Cinematographers, Post-Production Specialists, and high level marketing executives.
We are equipped with the experience and tools to deliver on high concept ideas while nurturing longevity in our relationships.

We are Vancouver's premier Demo Reel Specialists. A strong demo reel is a necessary piece of your marketing materials as an actor. Our speicality is in creating pieces of content for our clients to showcase their talents and shine a light on what they are capable of.

Our clients have went on to book major roles in A-List film and Television projects with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. We have a proven track record and have worked with hundreds of up and coming actors in Vancouver and Los Angeles.

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